Download Link PCMAV 4.1 Ragnarok 2

What's new on PCMAV 4.1 Ragnarok2? :

* UPDATED! Added a database and 100 virus cleaner local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 3494 virus and its variants.
* FIXED! Preventing PCMAV message has been active at startup, which often occurs in Windows Vista / 7 if UAC is off.
* FIXED! Prevent notification from Windows Defender on Vista / 7, which sometimes block PCMAV.
* ADDED! Removal special engine to clean the virus completely Runouce, Random8, MyLovely, StuxNet, Fandi.vbs, Flyff, Serviks.vbs and its variants are widely spread in Indonesia.
* ADDED! Addition information on the duration of post-scan memory and startup objects.
* ADDED! Notification messages to wait for the process as an exit PCMAV on systray.
* ADDED! Confirmation to delete the bad folder / folder that is not common.
* Improved! Improvement heuristic engine in identifying malware by identifying the bitmap resource.
* Improved! PCMAV on systray icon will appear again when the taskbar / explorer is restarted.
* Improved! RTP is now more lightweight in memory and minimize the error message "not responding".
* Improved! Change of name of the virus found a new variant.
* Improved! Fixes some minor bugs and improved the internal code to ensure that antivirus PCMAV remain the pride of Indonesia.

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Download Link PC Tools Firewall Plus 6

Download Link PC Tools Firewall Plus 6

PC Tools Firewall Plus is advanced technology designed specially for the people, not just experts. Powerful prevention against attacks and known exploits by default so that users can create their own packet filtering rules advances, including IPv6 support to adapt to network defense. Everything you have to do is to be installed for immediate protection and automatic way.

Thus PC Tools Firewall Plus provides world-class protection with regular updates to Smart, real-time protection and comprehensive security shield to support your PC safely against piracy free. PC Tools products are trusted and used by millions of people every day to protect their home and business computers against online threats.

Download Link PC Tools Firewall Plus 6
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Download Link PC Media Ragnarok2 Beta

New features in PC Beta Media Ragnarok2

* RTP. Is one of the most awaited features and was sidelined for six months. Features RTP (RealTime Protector) now comes integrated with a cleaner so it is easy to Cure / Delete / Quarantine when the virus was detected. This latest generation of RTP has been fully compatible and runs stable on Windows XP, Vista, 7 32-bit. Interception of the files that are infected or suspected of being malware more powerful & real-time with the use of low-level hooking system technology.

* Block Program on the USB / Card. USB flash disk / card is generally used as a medium of data exchange, but not infrequently infiltrated by malware in the form of executable code. For those of you who do not want to miss an active malware from USB flash disk / card (such as in an office environment), can activate the option Block Program On USB / Card on Ragnarok2 in the system tray menu.

* CatchCrypted For EXE / VBS. Trusted commercial programs generally do not use a packer. Conversely, many techniques malware camouflage themselves with encryption / compression using a specific packer in order to not be easily dismantled. Ragnarok2 able to recognize and intercept the files with these criteria (which is often suspicious), by activating the option CatchCrypted For EXE and / or CatchCrypted Ragnarok2 For VBS on the menu in the system tray.

* Exception. If you have a folder / file that is believed to be free of viruses and is not a malware, you can instruct Ragnarok2 to skip these files from the scan. To use it, you need to write down the folder / file into exception.txt file located in the same folder with PCMAV.exe. Examples of the contents of "C: \ New Folder \ file.exe" (without quotes) means providing exceptions / exemptions to the file named file.exe located in the folder C: \ New Folder. Another example, "C: \ backups \" (without quotation marks) means that provide exceptions to all files contained in the folder C: \ backup.

* Support Proxy. There are times when you need an Internet connection when using the automatic update for PCMAV, Ragnarok2 support the use of the Internet through a proxy that is widely used in office environments and institutions. Configuring the proxy can you type on proxy.txt file with the format: IP | port | username | password.

* Scan Archives. Malware hidden in compressed ZIP / RAR can also be detected by Ragnarok2, by selecting the option Scan Options - Scan archives on the main window Ragnarok2. Default this option is off. Please note, the use of this option will slow down the detection process.

* Context Menu. Menu "Scan with PCMAV" that appears when right-click the folder / files in Windows Explorer also improvised so that you can perform scans on one or more folders at once, by highlighting the folder / file you want, right click and select "Scan with Ragnarok2" . Context menu appears during Ragnarok2 active in the system tray.

CAUTION: PC Media Ragnarok2 Beta is a prototype for next-generation version of PCMAV, which is currently being intensively developed by a team of PC Media antivirus. Ragnarok2 Beta is available only for testing purposes only.

This release does not reflect the final result PCMAV. Some features are still in testing stage and will possibly change before the final release is launched. These features are very possible not to run perfectly and there is a bug that could cause the system does not run normally.

Unless you're an advanced user (experienced) in computing, please avoid the use of PC Media Ragnarok2 Beta in the system / computer that used to work everyday

password: ragnarok2
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Download PCMAV 2.2 Update Build3

Protection from virus signature database has been updated PCMAV 2.2 "Build3" version. PCMAV Some programs also improve the performance of the powerful script, such as viruses.

What's new in this version?

1. Update! Added to the local database, 71 and identification of virus cleaning / changing / new foreign and spread to Indonesia, he said. Total 3025 virus and its variants, including the variables [Conficker] sophisticated virus circulating in Indonesia is recognized in version 2.2.
2. Improved! Added to establish the identity, which can lead to identify the virus most frequently cited in all parts of the world.
3. Fixed bug! Detection error (false alarms) is indicative of many of the programs and scripts.
4. Improved! Change a few names of the new variant of the virus that was found later.
5. Improved! Correct some minor errors and improvisation internal code to make sure that there is still virus PCMAV we can be proud of Indonesia.


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Download PCMAV 2.2a Update Build1

Build1 updated with the inclusion of 10 identification of new virus variant. For those of you, 2.2A PCMAV users are strongly recommended to update immediately, so you PCMAV can recognize and eliminate the virus even more.

To obtain and use PCMAV this update, you simply run PCMAV Cleaner (PCMAV-CLN.exe), your computer is enabled to connect to the Internet (no proxy). PCMAV Automatic Updates will automatically download and update the database PCMAV.

Indaboxa. The virus has been created with Visual Basic in the amount of approximately 40KB.File files on a disk-based, inter alia, the drain and UAN UAS.exe, Counter Strike.exe "and other names of files can be provided the user, if unprepared. If the version of Post Properties and the Company will be listed: INDABOXA.

A characteristic of this virus is to change the registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ LegalNoticeText with the message: "Error is not on your computer, but yourself." This message appears when the user presses Ctrl + Alt + Del to log on Windows or if you want to disconnect and connect with another user.

List of virus addition to 2.2a Update PCMAV Build1:


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PCMAV 2.2 Download

Construction Update introduction of the user by adding a new virus variant. Before PCMAV users will recognize highly recommended that you immediately so that you update PCMAV and eliminate the virus could do more.

And to work and use PCMAV, you simply run PCMAV Cleaner (PCMAV-CLN.exe) of course the computer must be in active mode is connected to the Internet (no proxy). PCMAV akan Automatic Updates automatically download and update the database PCMAV.


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Download Free PC to Mobile SMS Software for Sending Bulk Sms India

Currently licensed are several online sms services which allows you to ride free sms to item mobile consequence India? But most of these sites are cluttered cache ads and text messages are not always delivered right away. Few days before I acknowledged a free sms software which rap ride sms to limb mobile monopoly India and the most gracious side is that the messages are delivered within seconds using our sender ID.

Free PC to Mobile Bulk SMS Software

bulk sms pc mobile india

This free software uses way2sms gateway for sending sms. You burden lead unlimited symbol of messages to segment mobile symbol mastery India plant your own quantity whereas sender ID.

Rudimentary of all register agency way2sms using your mobile numeral and exonerate your mobile. Register here

Download the software from the link liable string the edge of post and escape solid. You will need java for running this sms messaging software. If you don’t hold java 6 revise 16 somewhere, download veritable from here.

Canter the software, login shroud your way2sms user id ( your mobile unit ) and password.

free sms software bulk sms way2sms

You boundness add contacts and save them rule a phone book for succeeding practice.

Type the mobile cipher you yen guide free sms and add content in the space provided ( btw, no char limit ), Hit Send. The text message will be delivered to your friend within seconds.

Features of Way2sms free bulk sms software

Send free sms to any mobile in India.

Instant delivery of sms within seconds.

No character Limit ( ya, it’s true ). But sends large messages as multiple sms.

No advertisement.

Import and save contacts.

Send bulk sms to all your contacts.

Free Group SMS without character limit.

Use your own mobile number as Sender ID or the mobiles which you can verify with way2sms as sender ID.


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