Download Link PCMAV 4.1 Ragnarok 2

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What's new on PCMAV 4.1 Ragnarok2? :

* UPDATED! Added a database and 100 virus cleaner local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 3494 virus and its variants.
* FIXED! Preventing PCMAV message has been active at startup, which often occurs in Windows Vista / 7 if UAC is off.
* FIXED! Prevent notification from Windows Defender on Vista / 7, which sometimes block PCMAV.
* ADDED! Removal special engine to clean the virus completely Runouce, Random8, MyLovely, StuxNet, Fandi.vbs, Flyff, Serviks.vbs and its variants are widely spread in Indonesia.
* ADDED! Addition information on the duration of post-scan memory and startup objects.
* ADDED! Notification messages to wait for the process as an exit PCMAV on systray.
* ADDED! Confirmation to delete the bad folder / folder that is not common.
* Improved! Improvement heuristic engine in identifying malware by identifying the bitmap resource.
* Improved! PCMAV on systray icon will appear again when the taskbar / explorer is restarted.
* Improved! RTP is now more lightweight in memory and minimize the error message "not responding".
* Improved! Change of name of the virus found a new variant.
* Improved! Fixes some minor bugs and improved the internal code to ensure that antivirus PCMAV remain the pride of Indonesia.

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