Download Free PC to Mobile SMS Software for Sending Bulk Sms India

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Currently licensed are several online sms services which allows you to ride free sms to item mobile consequence India? But most of these sites are cluttered cache ads and text messages are not always delivered right away. Few days before I acknowledged a free sms software which rap ride sms to limb mobile monopoly India and the most gracious side is that the messages are delivered within seconds using our sender ID.

Free PC to Mobile Bulk SMS Software

bulk sms pc mobile india

This free software uses way2sms gateway for sending sms. You burden lead unlimited symbol of messages to segment mobile symbol mastery India plant your own quantity whereas sender ID.

Rudimentary of all register agency way2sms using your mobile numeral and exonerate your mobile. Register here

Download the software from the link liable string the edge of post and escape solid. You will need java for running this sms messaging software. If you don’t hold java 6 revise 16 somewhere, download veritable from here.

Canter the software, login shroud your way2sms user id ( your mobile unit ) and password.

free sms software bulk sms way2sms

You boundness add contacts and save them rule a phone book for succeeding practice.

Type the mobile cipher you yen guide free sms and add content in the space provided ( btw, no char limit ), Hit Send. The text message will be delivered to your friend within seconds.

Features of Way2sms free bulk sms software

Send free sms to any mobile in India.

Instant delivery of sms within seconds.

No character Limit ( ya, it’s true ). But sends large messages as multiple sms.

No advertisement.

Import and save contacts.

Send bulk sms to all your contacts.

Free Group SMS without character limit.

Use your own mobile number as Sender ID or the mobiles which you can verify with way2sms as sender ID.


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