Download PCMAV 2.2 Update Build3

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Protection from virus signature database has been updated PCMAV 2.2 "Build3" version. PCMAV Some programs also improve the performance of the powerful script, such as viruses.

What's new in this version?

1. Update! Added to the local database, 71 and identification of virus cleaning / changing / new foreign and spread to Indonesia, he said. Total 3025 virus and its variants, including the variables [Conficker] sophisticated virus circulating in Indonesia is recognized in version 2.2.
2. Improved! Added to establish the identity, which can lead to identify the virus most frequently cited in all parts of the world.
3. Fixed bug! Detection error (false alarms) is indicative of many of the programs and scripts.
4. Improved! Change a few names of the new variant of the virus that was found later.
5. Improved! Correct some minor errors and improvisation internal code to make sure that there is still virus PCMAV we can be proud of Indonesia.


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