Download PCMAV 1.91 Update Build1

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8 new viruses which are spread in Indonesia is reported in this week have been added to the Update Build1. For you PCMAV 1.91 users are strongly advised to update immediately, PCMAV so you can identify and eradicate the virus more.

To obtain and use PCMAV this update, make sure first PCMAV RealTime Protector is not currently active. If so, you must close the application first. Then you simply run PCMAV Cleaner (PCMAV-CLN.exe), certainly in the computer must be switched on to connect to the Internet (non-proxy). Recommended GetUpdates from PCMAV will automatically give an address on the internet where you can download the update files. Put the file is downloaded (PCMAV.vdb) to the folder where PCMAV located. If there had been a long update files, you simply menimpanya. And later when you return PCMAV run, he is in a condition ter-update.

The name used by Fdshield time spread.

Fdshield. The virus is created using this language Delphi icon that resembles the Internet Explorer. Has a file size of 553,472 bytes, without in-pack. One thing the light of this virus is of the name used when spread, labeled "17 + + & Confidential Sexs Women artists Indonesia (foto2_kamera tersembunyi_liputan). Exe". For users who do not careful - careful, will take the file is an HTML file. If you see in the directory C: \ Windows \ System32, the mother found a file with the name "rundl32.exe". Do not be deceived again! That is not part of the Windows files, but it really is a file virus. Note the letter "L" is just one. And now see in the Schedule Task, have a new job with the name "Windows FD Shield" which will execute the virus file diwaktu that he has set.

List of additional virus PCMAV 1.91 Update Build1:

Download Link:

Download PCMAV 1.91 Update Build1

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