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Has been re-published magazine PC Media. In this edition 12/2008, re-released PC Media Antivirus version 1.9. PCMAV this time able to recognize and overcome the 2349 virus and its variants are many reported and spread widely in Indonesia.

In the edition you can also find articles that discuss the virus, known viruses Bungas.vbs try decryptor routine hide it, because he is one of the VBScript viruses that use encryption techniques. And in PCMAV 1.9 has also added special engines cleaner that can clean a computer infected by the virus this with diligence.

a.Ditambahkan, the user database and cleaning the virus 95
local / foreign / new variants of the reported spread in Indonesia.
Total 2349 virus and its variants are more outstanding in
Indonesia has been known in this version 1.9 by the engine's internal PCMAV.

b.Ditambahkan, special cleaner for the virus Bungas.vbs.

c.Diperbaiki, error detection (false alarms) in some heuristik
programs and scripts.

d.Diperbarui, change the name of the new variants of the virus that

e.Perbaikan some minor bugs and improvisation to the internal code
ensure that PCMAV Cleaner & PCMAV RealTime Protector more
antivirus software from the ordinary.

Get immediate PCMAV 1.9 has been enhanced from the only magazine PC Media 12/2008, which have been published. Immediately and get the message in the kiosk / nearest dealer, not to run out.

Technical questions please delivered directly to the editor of Media PC via e-mail you have read and understand the contents of README.txt. And we will be grateful if you could take the time to comment on the use of a 1.9 PCMAV this as an input in the development.

Download Link:

Download PCMAV 1.9

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