Antivirus PCMAV 2.0c Valkyrie

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pcmav 2c

In the latest PCMAV has added an introduction to 51 new viruses so that the total virus that are recognized and overcome with PCMAV 2.0c is the 2771 virus. Things new and improvements made on PCMAV 2.0c according readme.txt files that are included are as follows:

* Updated! Added a database and virus cleaning 51 local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 2771 virus with variannya, including virus variants Conficker the powerful, the many circulating in Indonesia is well known in this version 2.0c.
* Updated! Cleaner and RTP supports the latest generation of engine ClamAV 0.95.
* Updated! Added khsusus solvents that can handle a lot of virus Risa make changes to the configuration of Windows.
BuG * Fixed! Cleaner sometimes can not be started when RTP is active. This problem caused the process that is still "hanging" in the memory.
BuG * Fixed! RTP in Cleaner detects a particular condition (or vice versa) as a "suspected virus".
BuG * Fixed! In some conditions and certain computer configurations, the RTP does not want to run and menampikan error message "For first usage or upgrading to newer version, ..."
* Improved! Now advanced heuristic engine can be optimized to detect variants in the polymorphic virus that spreads a lot in Indonesia.
* Improved! Unit Automatic Updates to be more optimized thread safe.
BuG * Fixed! Error detection (false alarm) heuristik on some programs and scripts.
* Improved! PCMAV.LOG content of the report.
* Updated! Contents README.TXT conditions.
* Improved! Several name changes the virus has found a new variant.
* Improved! Some minor improvements and bug improvised code to ensure that internal PCMAV can still be anti-Indonesian pride.


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